​ ​ ​ ​  Welcome to visit our factory and we are delighted to welcome You at our factory in Hung Yen Province.

​ ​ ​ ​  Currently, our factory is located 15 km from the capital Hanoi. Starting from a traditional village handicrafts and rattan with history perennial traditional. So, our possess the know-how to make the best quality products and the most reasonable prices to satisfies all the requirements of domestic and foreign customers.

​ ​ ​  Confident about our rattan products, so we want to expand our business outside the location of Vietnam. So we are looking for foreign partners to cooperate

​ ​ ​ ​  Currently, we have 3 main factory in Hung Yen and many small supplier with more than 10 kinds of items such as:

1.Rattan raw material

2.Rattan core / Rattan round natural / white (cleaned)

3.Flat oval core natural / white (cleaned)

4.Peel rattan

5.Polish rattan

6. Rattan webbing / Rattan cover natural / white (cleaned)

7. Water rattan cover natural / white (cleaned)

8. Water rattan core / rattan round

9. & Rattan / Sand rattan (Dry, anti-termite, smooth)

10. Powder rattan (Dry, anti-termite, smooth) ....

​ I believe this tour will bring more useful to two sides.

Pls tell us, when do you go to visit our factory ? So we can welcome you in the best way.

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Mr.Huy : +84.916.930070



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